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Toothpaste Powder ToothFresh All Natural Dry Powdered Toothpaste

Powdered Toothpaste Powder

Product #: ToothFresh
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Toothpaste Powder. Up to 400 brushings per 4 ounce bottle. Introducing ToothFresh All Natural Powdered Toothpaste. Made from pure baking soda & all natural herbs. Includes FREE travel pouch

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Includes FREE Travel Pouch!

Toothpaste Powder!
Introducing Tooth Fresh
All Natural Powdered Toothpaste

Made from pure baking soda and all natural herbs.

No peroxides, No fillers, No Anti-Caking Chemicals, No Flourides, No Sodium Laurel Sulfate, No Added Abrasives, No Added Salts. Nothing but pure cleansing action. Comes in Spearmint, Peppermint, Wintergreen and Cinnamon Flavor.

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Includes FREE Travel Pouch!

Four Ounces Lasts For
Up To 400 Brushings! 
Two Ounces Lasts For
Up To 200 Brushings! 

*Lasts many times longer than even a large tube of toothpaste
*Hardens and remineralizes tooth enamel without potentially toxic fluoride.
*Leaves your entire mouth feeling fresh with a tingly tooth polished feel.
* And it's mildly abrasive to remove tooth staining.
*Naturally effervescent.

We’re constantly bombarded with toothpaste manufacturers suggesting that a tartar control toothpaste for removing tartar and a whitening toothpaste to brighten teeth are a gum care and gum disease necessity. Is all this hyperbole really true or are we being manipulated in fear of loosing our pearly whites?

Our entire family has been using baking soda and herbs for over a century and a half. While we've been using an ancient method of tooth and gum cleansing most of the civilized world has been swallowing a lot of suds. Most toothpaste on the market is made up of the same common ingredients. The average brand name toothpaste is around 80% humectants and water, 15% abrasive (silica combined with/or powdered calcium), 5% foaming-flavoring-buffing agents, coloring/opacifiers and fluoride. Many of the fluoride toothpastes on the market contain what is called stannous fluoride, sodium fluoride or monofluoride phosphate.  

Toothpastes made with baking soda have began to explode on the market and for good reason. They clean better, taste better, feel better and work better. However most of the big brand toothpastes have small amounts of baking soda and large amounts of fillers, preservatives and other questionable ingredients.  Worse are the peroxides in the new toothpastes so recently. Peroxides are found to be an irritant and are known to damage gum tissue. Plainly put, these peroxide formulas can be dangerous. The big brand advertisers have conditioned consumers to believe that the fizzing action of combined baking soda and peroxide clean teeth. This leads people to think they are getting extra cleaning action from the bubbling activity but there is no scientifically proven therapeutic activity. Although the American Dental Association (ADA) believes that the current levels of peroxide in toothpaste are safe one may also wonder what the ADA would be without the big brand companies who support them.

Includes FREE Travel Pouch!

Convenient travel packs for easy brushing while on trips.

Contains minerals essential for strong, healthy, whiter teeth

Why bring all this up you ask? Well...  To give you a choice and hopefully educate you about Tooth Fresh and even other brands of baking soda based toothpastes. The facts are toothpaste made of mostly baking soda along with other beneficial herbs can not only make your teeth cleaner, whiter, healthier and feel better, the baking soda actually makes you want to brush your teeth longer and more often due to the oral stimulation and all round great clean feeling. Not to mention your breath will be consistently fresher and it is much better for your health and the environment.

So sprinkle some Tooth Fresh on your brush today, this afternoon and tonight. You'll be glad you did.   

Some additional information on common big brand toothpastes:

by M. Angela McGhee, Ph.D., Biology and Marine Sciences

Triclosan, a chemical used for its antibacterial properties, is an ingredient in many detergents, dish-washing liquids, soaps, deodorants, cosmetics, lotions, anti-microbial creams, various toothpastes, and an additive in various plastics and textiles. However, the safety of triclosan has been questioned in regard to environmental and human health. While the companies that manufacture products containing this chemical claim that it is safe, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has registered it as a pesticide. The chemical formulation and molecular structure of this compound are similar to some of the most toxic chemicals on earth, relating it to dioxins and PCBs. The EPA gives triclosan high scores both as a human health risk and as an environmental risk.

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